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Everyone in and around Mesquite TX would like to have their pool looking and feeling clean without having to worry about all the maintenance that comes with it. Whether you need pool cleaning, pool repair, or tune-up service, our experts can get it done for you swiftly and efficiently. Give us a call today (or fill out the form on this page) for your free estimate!

A swimming pool, while luxury is also an investment you made. Our team understands this and has made it as simple as possible for our customers to not have to be constantly concerned about their pools. We provide a comprehensive list of services to help your investment looking and functioning to its highest potential. In fact, we package these services into a monthly or bi-weekly or even a weekly service for an affordable rate. This eliminates you from having to worry about all the various moving parts of the pool because our recurring service covers all those points and more in an efficient and quality manner! Let us serve you and show why we are one of the best pool cleaning companies around!

    Why choose MQ Pool Cleaning Service

    We know there are plenty of options to choose from in regards to this, and we thank you for taking the time to visit our website and read what we have to offer. 

    Without wasting any more of your valuable time, here are just some of the many reasons to call MQ Pool Cleaning Service for all your pool service needs:

    • We keep your pool looking new and functioning with our weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly service packages.
    • Our team is highly trained, proficient and has the knowledge to inspect every aspect to keep things running smoothly.
    • Variety of service offered, including (but certainly not limited to) pool cleaning and end-to-end maintenance, repair and replacement of critical components such as pool pumps and filters, acid and drain washing.
    • Our reasonable pricing combined with our high-quality service is what keeps our customers happy.
    • We get in and out before you even know it and all done without sacrificing quality.
    • Our team has one common goal – to provide great customer and functional service!
    Family enjoying a clean pool in Mesquite TX

    Pool Services

    Having been a pool service company for numerous years now, our most commonly used service is the recurring swimming pool maintenance and rightfully so. Without this ongoing basic service, your pool equipment would end up with a below-average lifespan. If the pool is simply not used all that much can always opt for a one time pool cleaning service if you find that is better serving.
    Yes, there will come a time to replace old, worn-out running parts but that should only happen because of age, not due to negligence or poor service. Besides the aforementioned, we also repair equipment, clean filters, and acid washing, all of which you can read more about in detail below.

    Pool Maintenance Mesquite TX

    As mentioned above, this is our most popular service. The pool maintenance cost varies based on the frequency, size of the pool, and the set of features that it brings with it. You may be wondering how to clean a green pool fast, but alas there is no easy shortcut. If your end goal is a well-run pool then heeding a professional to come out and perform service is the only way.

    Following is a checklist of what all is done each time we come out for this.

    • Water level adjustment – we measure and fill (or drain) water to keep it at an optimum level.
    • Debris removal – using our handy-dandy net we will scoop out any small or large objects that may otherwise hinder your relaxation time.
    • Equipment inspection – a crucial part of it all as we carefully inspect and look for any problems of the slightest such as minor leaks.
    • Chemical balance test – we measure and record the level. Based on the recommended balance the water is optimized accordingly.
    • Take out the trash – ok, not literally but we will be proactive in checking the skimmers, cleaner bags, and pump baskets and emptying them all out if needed.
    • Floor vacuum – done on an as-needed basis. This involves using specialized pool vacuum equipment and our hand-picked swimming pool cleaners to cleanse the pool floor.
    • Tile, sidewalls, and steps cleaning – these will be brushed and scrubbed to leave them glistening every time.
    • Season-based service – filters will be washed and cleaned every few weeks (i.e. 4 weeks) depending on the time of the year.
    Pool ground cleaning in Mesquite TX.
    Backyard Pool in a Mesquite TX home.

    Pool Equipment Repair

    Looking for a pool repair service can be overwhelming – yes you can simply pick up the phone and dial the first company that pops up on Google. They’ll come out and perform the repair. But the aftermath is the part that can seem overwhelming because more often than not that same piece of equipment starts acting up again. With us, you get guaranteed repair!

    The one piece of equipment that is the most sought after (in terms of repair and replacement) is the pump. This likely comes to you as no surprise as it is the one critical part that keeps everything else functioning seamlessly. Most issues regarding a pool pump can be addressed in the form of repair, but unfortunately, we see time and time again that it is not the case. This is either due to poor service or a DIY job. What ends up happening is a complete replacement of the pump which 90% of the time is simply not necessary. Yes, there may be times where a replacement is the only option but we make sure to exhaust all other repair options before going down that road. When we do replace, we make sure to do so with an industry-standard piece of hardware that will last you as long as (if not more than) the original equipment. Other types of equipment we readily service are motors, filters, valves, heaters, timers, general pool repair and more! If you are experiencing issues with any of these or you suspect they may be the cause of other problems then give us a call and we’ll gladly come out for a complimentary inspection and quote!

    Pool Equipment Repair in Mesquite TX
    Pool service company checking chemical balance.

    Drain and Acid Washing

    Now, this is some powerful stuff. If you’ve tried everything from scrubbing to throwing all sorts of chemicals at those ugly stains in your pool then an acid wash service is just the service you need. This is not something you’d do very often, maybe once every few years. Why? Well, the whole point of the acid is to strip away a thin upper layer to help the surface look and feel like its younger self. Unlike other pool companies, we do not simply come out and perform an acid washing blindly at the behest of the customer. No, we evaluate the circumstances and determine whether it is possible to first get rid of those persistent stains using our proprietary methods. If push comes to shove, and there is simply no way around it then our pros schedule a good time (when the kids are not around) so to carry out the task with utmost care and efficiency. We make sure to leave no stains behind as all drains and sidewalls are cleansed thoroughly. The end result will leave you in awe, as you will see before you a like-new pristine pool surface in which you’ll once again take tremendous pleasure in swimming and relaxing in.

    Filter Cleaning

    If there was ever one critical factor, one crucial component to never neglect, it would be the filter. It is after all the one thing that is the driver behind so many different aspects. From healthy pool water, longer lasting pump and filter, to a lower electricity bill, the cleaning of filter is wholly beneficial to your pool. Now, this is not something you need to have done every month or even every other month. Depending on your level of usage, we recommend you have a thorough filter cleaning service done at least once a year if used partially throughout. If on the other hand, it is used consistently throughout the year then do plan on having this done two times a year. Whatever the case, this is one of those things that simply should not be neglected or forgotten about if you are wanting the best swimming experience.

    Pool filter cleaning in a Mesquite TX home.

    Pool Cleaner You Can Rely On

    Alright, so you’ve made it to the end! Thanks for sticking with us, we hope you’ve picked up some useful tips and techniques to apply. 

    Upkeep of a swimming pool can seem like a daunting task and many decide not to get one simply due to that fact. While it may seem that way, it simply cannot be further from the truth. Not when you put it in our hands. The folks at MQ Pool Cleaning Service make it so easy to keep your pool looking and running smoothly it will not even occur as a second thought to you. It’s why Mesquite and its surrounding cities’ residents are starting to choose us.

    Having a pool is and should be a luxury and a place to fall back and relax in, not another added headache to your already busy and hectic life. Let us take care of all your pool services and let us be your pool guy, let us be the best pool cleaner so it serves its purpose in letting you relax and find comfort in. We take pride in knowing that all our customers thus far have found just that, and while we would love to sit here and sing our praises we’d rather you pick up the phone (or fill out the form) and get in touch with us for an absolutely free consultation and quote. We have ongoing promotions and offers throughout the year so do ask about them when you get in touch with us, so you can take full advantage and save even more!

    Cleaning pool walls and tiles in a Mesquite home.
    Removing debris as pool service in a Mesquite TX home.