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Are you in need of pool repair in Mesquite? If so, you’re on the right spot!

We, here at MQ Pool Cleaning Service, help repair and maintain all types of pools from inground, freshwater, wading, and saltwater to hot tubs and spa. What’s more, we service all aspects ranging from equipment (pool pumps, control panels, heaters, and more), decks, filtration, plumbing, and more.

In an ideal world, one would simply get to enjoy the luxuries of a swimming pool without all the tune-ups, upkeep, and repairs. While we can’t give you that exact perfect scenario, we can as a pool company help you enjoy it without all the worry in maintaining, cleaning, and repairing.

    Why Choose Us For Your Pool Repair?

    • Quality and long-lasting results. Ever had something repaired only to call back the service provider with the same problem or worse, a bigger issue than you had to begin with? We’ve all been there and never want to return. With us, you are guaranteed expert-level service with free follow-up service if the issue persists.
    • No pool left behind. No matter the type or brand of equipment your swimming pool is running on, or the location, we do it all. Whether it be a good old backyard pool or a shared apartment complex we do not discriminate.
    • The solution that is right for YOU. Finding a fix for the issue at hand, and getting a reasonable price should not revolve around contingencies on whether you’d be willing to sign up for additional services. No, you should only have to pay for what you need at that very moment and our quote procedure makes that a priority.
    • Efficient, professional, and value. Despite the notion that you can only have 2 out of the 3 aforementioned qualities, we are out to prove that it is completely achievable. Our present and past customers have attested to that through their glowing reviews.
    • All-in-one pool service provider. We can literally do it all when it comes to this subject matter. Make us your one-stop-shop for all things pool.
    Family enjoying a clean pool in Mesquite TX

    Our Services

    Besides our regular services such as pool cleaning and maintenance, we also offer pool equipment repair service. We have seen it all and done it all. We service all types of brands like Jandy, Pentair, Hayward, and Polaris. Below you will find just some of our most prominent services.

    Pool Equipment Repair

    The simplest and smallest of pools have many moving parts in order to keep it running. While it may be feasible to do certain repair work yourself, more often than not it is best left to a certified professional to handle it. The risk-reward scenario is simply not worth the DIY approach in most cases.

    The best way to keep your pool running smoothly is the preventative route, to schedule regular maintenance and tune-up services.

    In any case, here are all the various parts we can address if needed.

    • Pool pump repairs
    • Filters
    • Valves
    • Motors
    • Pool heater repair
    • Timers
    • Control panels
    • Resurfacing
    • Concrete work

    Swimming Pool Equipment Replacements

    There are going to be times when a repair job will not do; when a piece of equipment has reached its life expectancy or past the point of saving. We can help replace various running parts with industry-standard, high-quality, and compatible replacements. Whether it is a basic filter or a more involved pool pump replacement, we have the know-how to get your pool running at its most optimum capacity.

    Pool filter replacement in Mesquite, TX

    Pool Leak Detection and Repair

    One of the more difficult scenarios is finding the exact location of a leak. But not to worry, we have all the right tools and expertise to plan and address the pool leak repair. Let us handle the pool plumbing so you can enjoy your pool with zero worries.

    How much does it cost to find a leak in Mesquite, TX?

    This varies based on the type and brand of your pool. Then there’s also the location factor, but here in Mesquite, it can be anywhere from $100 – $500 (the higher cost for the larger, more complicated pools).

    How much does it cost to find a leak in Mesquite, TX?

    Here are some signs to look out for if you suspect a potential leak.

    • Wet water spots in the surrounding area.
    • Higher than usual water bills.
    • General cracking or tiles falling.
    • Change in water level.
    • Standing water around or under equipment (i.e. pump, pipes).
    Pool leak repair in Mesquite, TX
    Pool leak detection in Mesquite, TX

    Let us be your local pool guy

    We can address each and every one of your pool needs. Make us your go-to pool service provider, and we will make you one of our many happy and stress-free Dallas area customers. Some label as one of the top swimming pool repair contractor in all of Texas – give us a call today to find out why!

    How the Service Estimate Process Works

    We like to keep things simple here in Mesquite, so if you’re looking for a convoluted procedure just to get an estimation, you won’t find that here.

    The process to get things started is really as straight forward as you’d imagine.

    One, you pick up the phone and call us (at 972-848-6294).

    Two, you are connected with one of our experts wherein you’re heard and provided knowledgeable input and advice.

    Three, you are provided a quote on the work required to get your pool in tip-top shape.

    Four, if you decide to move forward, you tell us a good time for us to show up and get the work done.

    Five, we thank you for choosing us as your pool service provider and you proceed to enjoy your swimming pool to its fullest.